La importancia de mirar atrás

Hace unas pocas fechas Jose Bustamante colgó en un site de WordPress un post que habla de su experiencia vital y profesional y, también, al principio del escrito, hace alusión a una videoconferencia celebrada recientemente con un grupo de alumnos y profesores de Decroly. Me parece interesante transcribirla, eso sí, en inglés, tal y como Jose lo ha publicado, con el título The importance of looking backwards.


A few weeks ago, I did a Video-conference with my old College in my hometown Santander, pearl of the North of 0-jose_azeti-221x3001Spain. Javier Muniz, Director and Founder of Decroly and more important, my first Manager and friend, asked me for the collaboration during some sessions around Entrepreneurship. The objective was simple: Share with the students your career and experiences since the times you were sit in the same place as them. That was 11 years ago.


I was very happy to help him, and specially the students, due the tough times and the unemployment Market situation in Spain, reaching 21% of the active population.


But this is not the moment to review my career, neither listen what I shared, with enthusiasm, with the students… Is about what happened when I start thinking “backwards”. It was the first time since I left my hometown that I did this exercise “looking backwards”… for eleven years of my life.


I tried to organize all the speech. What did I study, where did I work, why… when… And while writing all these experiences in a paper in my office in Dubai, I started remembering friends…19 family… colleagues. What about Francisco “The Politician”? God I worked hand by hand with him for 3 years and I don’t know anything about him for so long!!


I remembered the interview process in all the companies I joined, and those that rejected me. I remember the first job in Madrid and my walks in Paseo de la Castellana with my 100 Euros suites, pretending to be Mr. Morgan Stanley with a bag that, simulating having a laptop inside, had just a bunch of notes and some materials about Microsoft boring literature… It didn’t matter. I was Happy.


I remembered the loneliness in London in my 20 m2 apartment, and the rain falling sideways… I remembered the 211challenges, the mistakes, the people I hurt and the people I made happy.


Making friends, loosing friends; get frustrated in your job; loosing the enthusiasm or falling depth into the most boring routine; loosing loved ones… They were a mix of thoughts on my mind, with no order. However, there was something that it was always there, no matter when or where, or what happened around me: My illusion to know; my passion to create and discover.


And I realized (Maybe “connecting the dots” as Mr. Jobs said) that, for some reason, where I am today (More for good than for bad) is the result of that; the result of36 keeping, regardless the events around you, the vision and direction clear. I always knew, somehow, what I wanted in life, and even tough today is still “there” more than “here”, I continue, day after day, approaching… sometimes slowly… sometimes 3 steps forward and 2 backwards…. but always progressing.


Looking backwards is an exercise that helps you to remember where you come from… helps you looking things from a different perspective. The world we live today, the ambition, the passion for what we do or the frustration for not doing it… are pushing us always to look forward… looking for the next train…


But let’s not forget that during our trip, no matter what is our direction, great people, great moments surrounded our lives. And if they were so beautiful and special then, why not dedicating them some time in our memories?


About Jose Bustamante


International Business Manager and Entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience in several IT Management 43positions in Madrid, London and Dubai. For four years Jose was a Project Manager at Fujitsu Services in Spain. In 2003, he joined Quest Software as Business Development Manager EMEA in London, delivering value to Partners, Distributors and Large Corporations in no less than 20 countries throughout Europe and the Middle East region. In 2006 José co-founded QME Software in Dubai, providing to customers in the GCC region software solutions and consultancy that enable them to roll-out, manage, and control complex application environments. As General Manager, he was responsible for driving the day-to-day solutions and sales operational areas, including directing the operations and strategies of the sales, marketing and product teams.


After exiting the company in March 2010, and spending some months travelling around South Asia (Sabbatical), Jose joined another Start-up, Azeti Networks, as Vice President for Middle East and Africa operations. Jose holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from the University of Lincolnshire and a Master in Project Management from the University La Salle.

Un comentario

  1. Siempre es recomendable hacer un alto en el camino y mirar hacia atrás. Recordar a las personas que alguna vez formaron parte de nuestras vidas para bien o para mal nos enriquece, ya que de todo se aprende. Con la perspectiva del tiempo, incluso las cosas no tan buenas nos enseñan y mejoran nuestra exitencia y aprendemos a no tropezar dos veces sobre la misma piedra.

    Me gusta


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